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A new stove that uses age old principles but with silicon carbide state-of-the-art materials to maximise efficiency, create lower emissions and decrease running costs. This great stove creates a consistent heat not only for the room but for the whole house without over heating the room it stands in and projecting heat evenly throughout the house.

The Stove

Innovative use of Silicon Carbide as the whole structure of the stove, incorporating the unique benefits of the material produce a very high temperature in the combustion chamber (typically 900-1000Âșc) and a catalysing effect to consume the volatile elements in the products of combustion within the Ecco Stove before they exit to atmosphere.

As a result, the efficiency of the stove is tested at 85.3% with a Carbon output to atmosphere of only 0.24% average. The Ecco Stove efficiency satisfies DEFRA smoke control requirements.

Therefore with DEFRA approval the Ecco Stove could be used in inner city and smoke control areas burning wood because it combusts so perfectly.

Although the Ecco Stove is larger than many others it can be installed in a small room without overheating it because it gently projects its heat over a much larger area than a convention steel or cast stove. The room it stands in will not be hotter by more than one or two degrees than surrounding areas (if doors are left open).

Phone: 085 727 8807

Heating Properties

Temperature & Heat

The Ecco Stove has a labyrinth of flue ways and air channels constructed into the body of the appliance to extract as much heat out of the flue gas before the exhaust reaches atmosphere.

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